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    Looking for the ultimate kitesurfing & wing spot in Portugal? Look no further, KiteVoodoo is the place.

    We’ve got got you covered with our school, rental service and storage located directly on the windiest beach of the country !

    Also find here all the tips and informations you´ll need to live an amazing kitesurf experience in Portugal.


    KiteVoodoo está localizado no melhor spot de kite de Portugal na praia de CAbdedelo

    Discover epic kitesurfing in Portugal, especialy on our spot in Viana do Castelo. It’s an absolute blast, thanks to its incredible conditions, steady wind, unspoiled beaches, and a flourishing kitesurfing community.

    Whether you’re a kiter in search of the ultimate conditions at a top-notch kitesurf destination, or you’re a beginner just starting out, enjoy the thrill of kitesurfing & winging along the picturesque Portuguese coast.

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    Top-notch Kitesurfing and Wing Lessons​ with the Best Kitesurfing school so you learn Water sports with safety, rapidely and with fun.


    Join us at KiteVoodoo for an unforgettable watersport experience! Perfect for beginners to learn kitesurfing and wing foiling.

    We’re a close-knit family of passionate riders with years of experience. Our key to success is our dedicated and patient instructors. They’re here to make your learning experience incredible and unforgettable. They will transmit all the tips and knowledge you need to progress quickly and become an true independent rider, ready to conquer any kind of water conditions. Plus, our team of instructors speak multiple languages, making communication easy and efficent.

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    Take Kitesurf lessons with KiteVoodoo Your Kitesurfing and wing school in Portugal near Porto


    Wing lessons in Portugal with KiteVoodoo school lessons with kite voodoo in Portugal Viana do Castelo near Porto with cross onshore winds blowing all year round


    Learn Kitesurfing Foil lessons in Portugal with KiteVoodoo kitesurfing school in Viana do Castelo near Porto with cross onshore winds blowing all year round

    1 LESSON (2H) – 125€ 

    2 LESSONS (4H) – 235€

    3 LESSONS (6H) – 345€


    1 LESSON (2H) – 75€/pers.

    2 LESSON (4H) – 130€/pers.

    3 LESSON (6H)- 240€/pers.

    Elevate Your Kitesurfing Adventure with Premium Rental Gear​ with Kite Voodoo, Rent High performance Ozone Kites Big-air, Foil, Strapless,... You define the limits!


    If you don’t have your own gear yet or you simply don’t want to carry your kitesurfing equipment with you… No worries, Kite Voodoo has you covered !

    We’re dedicated to ensure that you have access to the best rental equipment. Our range of gear includes high-performance boards, last generation kites and wings to ensure that your riding experience is brought to the next level.

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    Rent your water sports equipment to practice Kitesurfing, Wing, Foil with KiteVoodoo on the best kitesurfing spot with sandy beach in Portugal with perfect air temperature


    Full equipment

    2H / 60€

    Full day / 120€


    Wing 2H / 30€

    Foil board 2H / 40€

    Maximise your time in the water and safe energy thanks to our Storage Solutions


    At Kite Voodoo, we’re all about making your kitesurfing holiday as convenient and accessible as possible.

    That’s why we’re thrilled to provide our guests with a storage and cleaning station directly located on the beach.

    This means you can keep your gear safe, easily accessible whenever you’re ready to go ride!


    Storage and cleaning station for kite wing foil equipment on the beach at KiteVoodoo Portugal


    1 day – 10€

    1 week – 60€

    1 month – 140€


    Why choose Portugal for your kitesurfing holidays ?

    Portugal is the ultimate kitesurfing paradise! From north to south, you’ll find epic spots from Porto, Lisbon, and Faro.

    What sets Portugal apart is the variety of riding conditions. Whether you’re into flat waters, ocean waves, or choppy challenges, there is something for every rider.

    This destination is not just about kitesurfing! Portugal’s rich culture and stunning landscapes will captivate you. Explore historic cities, savor amazing food, and soak in the beauty of golden beaches and rugged cliffs.

    Plus the cost of living is friendly on the wallet, and flights are easy to come by from. So, why wait? Head to Portugal for your next kitesurfing adventure!

    Where to kitesurf in Northern Portugal, near porto?

    Kitesurfing Paradise Near Porto


    Just a quick hop north from the lively city of Porto, less than an hour’s drive from the international airport, you’ll stumble upon a kitesurfing paradise known as “VIANA DO CASTELO.”

    The go-to spot is “Praia do Cabedelo“. This place is a total gem, with its vast sandy beach and epic riding conditions.

    Here you can also enjoy nice restaurants and beach bars, making the most of your time on this great kite location. Check out our selection of best restautants in Viana.

    Flat water spot Northern portugal Porto Viana do Castelo

    Best Spot: Viana do Castelo


    This Beautiful town offers exceptional natural conditions for a variety of watersports, including kiteboarding, strapless kitesurfing, foilboarding, wing foiling, and surfing.

    The amazing features that sets this place apart is not just the thrill it offers, but also the safety it guarantees. Therefore on this large sandy beach, you won’t find any major obstacles, treacherous shore breaks, or offshore winds, making it an ideal spot for riders of all levels.

    Flatwater area & Waves


    Cabedelo Beach is a mecca for watersports, you’ve got a little something for everyone:

    There’s a flatwater area with at high tide loads of shallow water making it a great place to learn. This is perfect for beginners and also ideal for advanced riders looking to nail some freestyle tricks and catch some massive air.

    Also for those who crave wave action, you’re in luck. Downwind from the flatwater area, there’s a cool fun spot with small waves. Then as you head towards Kite Voodoo School, you’ll find medium-sized waves. To finally, if you venture further downwindfinish with some daunting bigger waves for some serious shredding .

    The Nortada wind blows along the Portuguese Atlantic coast during the summer, add to this reliable wind a local thermic effect, and you get the windiest spot of Portugal: Viana do Castelo - Kite Voodoo

    The Windiest Kite Spot in Portugal


    Nortada wind, which dominates the Portuguese Atlantic coastline, delivers awesome wind conditions for six whole months. Thanks to the natural surroundings that create a localized thermic effect, this reliable wind gains strength, making Viana do Castelo the ultimate spot for kite and wing lovers.

    Now, here’s a little secret: when it comes to wind, you must not always rely on the forecast. On a sunny Nortada day in Viana, you can expect an extra 10-15 knots beyond what the forecast predicts. 

    That’s why Viana is known as the windiest spot in all of Portugal!


    Summer Season

    The prime months for kite and wing is during summertime, when the thermic effect is up to the max. Starting from April, through May and June, it hits its peak in July and August. September and October has still some good windy days. During this season, you can count on robust north winds consistently blowing at an average speed of 20-30 knots or even more, starting from noon until sunset with the perfect wind direction, side-to-side-on.

    Winter Season

    Ride all year round at this incredible spot! In the winter season, there's a change in the wind's direction, bringing in southerly breezes. These winds blow right onto Cabedelo Beach,on a side-to-side-on wind direction, just perfect for action. November to March, offer a great opportunity for advanced kiters and wave enthusiasts to conquer some truly amazing waves. For beginners, the winter months may be a bit more of a challenge.


    The water temperature in Portugal at your dream Kitesurf Spots is between 15 to 2o degrees in Summer so you need a Wetsuit 3/4 or 4/3
    The wind direction in portugal, in viana do castelo- kite voodoo is from north with Nortada wind during summer and from south during winter
    Water temperature and Wetsuit

    Your comfort in the water matters, so here's a little tip depending on the season: For the months of April, May, June, September, and October, we suggest going with a 4/3 wetsuit. It'll keep you cozy and warm specially on a strong windy day! When it comes to July and August, you'll be more than comfortable in a lighter 3/2 suit. The water temperature here can be a bit warmer compared to some other spots in Portugal. That's because of the unique mix of water from the river mouth blending with the Atlantic Ocean.

    Wind Direction

    Summer months: 
    Nortada winds: NW – N – NE 
    wind direction: side to side-on

    Winter months:
    Southern wind: SW – S – SE
    wind direction: side to side-on

    Air Temperature & Water Temperature

    Summer months:
    air temperature 20°C – 30°C
    water temperature 16°C – 21°C

    Winter months:
    air temperature 5°C – 15°C
    water temperature 12°C – 15°C

    Take kitesurfing lessons and wing lessons with the perfect kitesurfing and wing school near Porto - kiteVoodoo

    Why Choose KiteVoodoo School ?

    Why Pick KiteVoodoo for Your Kitesurfing Lessons?

    KiteVoodoo is the place to be for awesome kitesurfing lessons, equipment rentals and to store your gear! 

    We’re located just steps away from the buzzing town of Viana do Castelo,  on the pristine sandy beach, praia do Cabedelo. It’s the windiest spot in Portugal – perfect for those high-flying adventures.

    Our certified instructors are pros, and they speak your language! They’ll teach you every step of the way for you to become an confident independent rider.

    Plus, we’ve got a flat teaching area, and if you ever need a hand, we’ve got a jet ski at your service.

    Click here to read more about KiteVoodooo school and lessons.


    During our lessons we use walkie-talkies for real-time communication, instant feedback, and, most importantly, safety!

    All our equipment is tailored to the specific needs of our students, guaranteeing optimal performance and comfort throughout your learning adventure.

    Join us to learn kite and/or wing with KiteVoodoo, your kitesurfing journey starts here!

    Why choose Kite Voodoo school to Learn Kitesurfing and Winging in Portugal.



    Our instructors speak a plethora of languages, including English, French, Portuguese, Spanish, German, Swedish, and Polish.

    In addition, with certifications from the International Kiteboarding Organization (I.K.O) and the Portuguese Sailing Organization (F.P.Vela), they possess a wealth of expertise and several years of teaching and riding experience.

    Indeed, these certifications  ensure the highest standards of safety, teaching quality and methodology.

    Vania instructor at kitevoodoo kitesurfing school water sport specialist wingsurfing, advanced riders, foil, wave riding, flat water
    Benoit instructor at kitevoodoo kitesurfing school water sport specialist kitesurfing, advanced riders, big air, foil, wave riding, kitesurfing portugal
    LearnAnna instructor at kitevoodoo kitesurfing school water sport specialist kitesurfing, advanced riders, big air, foil, wave riding, big waves Kitesurfing take lesson with Ania Iko instructor at KiteVoodoo Kitesurf school Portugal
    Angelo instructor at kitevoodoo kitesurfing school water sport specialist kitesurfing, advanced riders, big air, foil, wave riding, kitesurfing portugal
    Kitesurfing yoga Portugal kitesurf yoga camp Yoga classes on the beach with Ocean Yoga Portugal during summer season facing the Atlantic coast line
    Jean instructor at kitevoodoo kitesurfing school water sport specialist kitesurfing, advanced riders, foil, waves, big waves, strong swells, open ocean riding the Atlantic coastline

    Is kitesurfing hard to learn ?

    Kitesurfing is not hard to learn, it all starts with finding the right kitesurfing school.

    First, seek out schools with experienced instructors who can communicate in your language. Their expertise and the beginner-friendly equipment they provide are key to your success.

    Certainly, learning kitesurfing or wing foiling is an inspiring journey. It’s all about connecting with nature and the elements while living through thrilling and unforgettable moments. 

    So, are you ready ?


    Beautiful place, very firendly and skilled trainers. I hope to come back!

    Krzysztof Łyżwa 15 September 2023

    Everyone at kite voodoo has been very nice and competent. I recommend it 👍


    Staff super cool, professional, Uma entrega total do princípio ao fim, amizade pela certa...

    Jorge Sousa 1 September 2023

    Me with my family and friends stored the equipment (kite, wing, ws, sup) for 2 weeks at Kitevoodoo: the service was satisfactory! My wife took pleasant yoga lesson with Kée and I enjoyed a nice ride in wing with my kiter friend Jean! Highly recommended!!!

    Paolo Granara 1 September 2023