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    Discover the exhilarating world of wing foiling with our expert lessons! Whether you’re a beginner or looking to hone your skills, we’ll help you master this cutting-edge sport and experience the thrill of flying above the water. Dive in and start your wing foiling adventure today!

    Wing Foil Lesson​

    What is wing foiling ?

    Wing foiling is an exciting wind-powered water sport that’s growing fast. It involves using an inflatable, triangular sail known as the “wing” to catch the wind. Holding onto the wing by its two handles allows you to control your movement. Let go of the back handle to stop instantly, and grab it again to start moving and regain power.

    Beneath your feet, you’ll stand on a big board that keeps you afloat. This board is connected to a meter-long mast, which is itself attached to a hydrofoil. The hydrofoil, resembling to an underwater airplane, lifts the mast and board from the water surface, creating a sensation of flying !

    With practice, you’ll be gliding smoothly and enjoying the unique thrill that wing foiling provides.

    Experience Wing Foil Lessons in Portugal with Kite Voodoo

    Ready to dive into the thrilling world of wing foiling? There’s no better way to start than with Kite Voodoo in Portugal. Our experienced instructors will guide you in mastering wing foiling in a safe and comfortable environment.

    At Kite Voodoo, we’ve developed a personalized teaching method that breaks down complex moves into easy-to-follow steps. Our range of exercises is tailored to your progress, ensuring you become an independent and responsible wing foiler while having a blast.

    Our spot in Viana do Castelo is a hub for wing foil enthusiasts and one of the top places to learn and ride. With consistent winds and flat waters, Kite Voodoo offers the ideal conditions to boost your learning curve and enjoy every moment on the water.

    So, what are you waiting for? Feel the wind and experience the excitement with us! Book your wing foiling lesson in Portugal with Kite Voodoo today and discover what you’re made of!

    Which Type of Lessons Should You Choose?


    Private Lessons with Individual Equipment: The fastest way to progress! If you’re fit and eager to accelerate your skills, private lessons offer the perfect opportunity to practice repeatedly and make rapid progress. You have complete control over your rest breaks, deciding when and for how long to take them.

    Semi-Private Lessons with Shared Equipment: Ideal for learning wing foiling in Portugal with a friend. You’ll take turns using the equipment every 15 to 20 minutes, giving you time to rest and observe your friend’s technique. We guarantee your next attempt will be even better with this fun and supportive learning experience.


    Wing foil

    Which Package Is Right For You?


    2-Hour Session: Perfect for beginners to learn the basics of wing foiling and decide if they want to dive deeper into the sport.

    4-Hour Package: Great for those wanting to improve or refresh their skills, getting ready to ride independently with their own gear.

    6-Hour Package: Ideal for anyone with experience in other water or board sports like windsurfing, wakeboarding, or kitesurfing, looking to boost their wing foiling progression.

    8-Hour Package: Best for complete beginners or those who have grasped the basics and want extra practice time to master wing foiling.


    In a typical wing foiling lesson, your fully qualified instructor will not only cover all the fundamentals for beginners but also provide invaluable advanced tips, along with a maximum of advice and feedback. Our aim is to supercharge your learning process, helping you progress as swiftly as possible!
    • set up the wing and board and make adjustment
    • safety steps for handling equipment
    • techniques how to enter water and get in position for water start
    • demonstration and technique of water start/getting up
    • controlling the wing and board direction
    • how to fly above the water on the foil 
    What is the Best time of the year for wing foil lessons in Portugal?
    The best months to learn winging in Portugal are April, May, June, July, August, September.
    How many wing foiling  lessons does it take to learn ?
    Depending on the person, you will need 6h to 8h to stand up on the board and ride both sides.
    What do I need to Bring for my wing foil Lessons ?
    Everything is included in your lesson, we will provide you with all the personal equipment, Wetsuit, Vest, Helmet,…. 
    You just need a swimming suit to wear under the wet suit and Sun protector.
    The First lesson as a complete beginner will took place on the beach, you will need comfortable clothing, sun protection and sun glasses.
    Our team of certified instructors is not only dedicated and patient but also fluent in multiple languages, including English, French, Portuguese, Spanish, German, Swedish, and Polish. This diverse language skill set ensures effective communication to cater to your needs seamlessly.
    In addition, our instructors are equipped with walkie-talkies, facilitating efficient and real-time communication. This means you get instant feedback and guidance during your lessons, enhancing safety and ensuring that your learning experience is as smooth as possible. We’re committed to providing you with the best possible wingfoiling adventure!