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Welcome to Ocean Yoga, where the horizon is your mat, and the waves are your breath. 

Our yoga School offers a unique sanctuary for those seeking balance, strength, and renewal. Imagine greeting the day with sun salutations on the beach, surrounded by the rhythmic symphony of crashing waves and panoramic views that inspire serenity. At Ocean Yoga, we invite you to embark on a journey of wellness, where each class is a harmonious blend of ancient wisdom and the rejuvenating embrace of nature.

Yoga class information

Open: Monday to Saturday

Closed: Sundays

Class starts: 9.30am

Location: Cabedelo beach, infront of Kite Voodoo school

City: Viana do Castelo

So join us on the sands for morning sessions that not only enrich your practice but also connect you with the revitalizing energy of the ocean. Discover the transformative power of yoga against the backdrop of stunning vistas at Ocean Yoga.

yoga on the beach

About the yoga class:

Adapted for all level, from beginer to advance yoga practicionner. No need to be flexible or to have previous experience to practice yoga,  the postures are adapted to all levels.

Kée, your teacher is 200H Hatha yoga teacher certified (Samyak yoga school – Mysore – INDIA)

The classes are in Hatha yoga style, which refers to class that holds
poses for longer periods, around 30 seconds, and is less flowing. That
allow us to adjust the position and alignment and work on building some muscle strength along with flexibility and stretching.


Hatha yoga classes can have a theme, for example: flexibility, strength, core, heart-opening, hip-opening etc. and be combined with some dynamic movement in Hatha flow class (check the schedule to know the theme of the class for each day, changing every week). This just means that the class will have been designed to suit a specific goal or purpose in the body.

A sequence lasts one hour and is divided into 4 parts: warm up – standing postures – sitting postures – breathing / relaxation.

Schedule for the week 03/04 to 09/04



Classic Hatha yoga class

intention is set on the whole body – strenghten – flexibility – streching



 Hatha yoga – hip opening class

intention is set on hip – flexibility – streching



 Hatha yoga flow

mix of slow yoga and dynamic flow



 Hatha yoga – shoulder class

intention set on the shoulder – flexibility and strengh



 Hatha yoga – core

intention set building and strenghten the core



 Hatha yoga –  stretch

class with more stretching – some postures are hold for a longer time (1 to 3 min)


Contact me for more info or to secure your mat

(booking not mandatory)

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