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WHAT IS I.K.O (international kiteboarding organisation)


KITE VOODOO is an I.K.O affiliated Kitesurfing school that follows IKO standards and teaching methods. We register all our students with them to allow you after your training course is complete to rent equipment and ride by your self almost anywhere in the world.

What is IKO certification?


The IKO CERTIFICATION certifies your skill level and is a mean of verification as you continue to train and develop. In fact, this Kiteboarder Certification is proof of your ability and training.

what is i.k.o certification


I.K.O can also provide you with: 

Worldwide Kitesurf Insurance 

They’ve got you covered!

Specifically designed for your personal and professional kitesurfing activities, the IKO Insurance Program offers all IKO members  peace of mind and covers you in case of unexpected incidents. This master insurance policy is provided by XL Insurance Company SE through the insurance broker Saam/Verspieren Group, two major experts in the field of sports insurance.



kitesurf insurance with I.K.O

Get Covered While You Kite 

For students and all kiter levels, the recreational third party liability insurance covers you against claims resulting from injuries and damage to other people and/or their property.

Work With Protection

For Pros from Assistant and Instructors up to Trainers, the professional third party liability insurance covers you against claims for which you are responsible.

Personal Accident Coverage

Compensates you or an assigned beneficiary in the event of disability, rescue or death during your kitesurfing activities.

Kitesurf Events and More Activities Covered

Kitesurf competitions as well as snowkite, stand up paddle, surf and kayak activities are also covered.

Coverage and Amounts

subscribe I.K.O insurance with kite voodoo

Recreational and Professional Liability

  • Maximum limit per claim € 150,000
  • Equipment damage excess € 250
Accident (NOT medical coverage)
  • Rescue € 8,000
  • Disability € 15,000
  • Death € 15,000

Contact us if you want more information or if you want to subscribe an insurance for your kitesurf practice.

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